The ABC’s of Success is a great interactive workshop that teaches character development, builds confidence, and develops a plan for goal setting for children. 

The ABC’s of Success workshop instructs students on topics such as, the importance of education, the ability to focus and concentrate, how our relationships define our success, the belief in ones self, and proper decision making. 

This power workshop guides the children through a series of real life analogies that not only makes learning the information fun, but brings the information to the children in a manner that connects with them on a personal and emotional level, thus increasing the children’s ability to retain this information and use it immediately in their day to day lives. 

Teachers and parents all of the world that have witnessed the teaching of this workshop appreciate the lessons and values that this workshop is intending to instill in children, often backing up the very lessons they teach to the children in their own instruction. 

The ABC’S of Success is a great workshop for physical education classes, after school programs, as guest teachers for individual classrooms of children, for church groups, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, and most other children’s groups. This workshop has been promoted as a fund raiser for elementary schools, PE departments, and for various children’s charities.