Premier Leadership Development is a powerful leading-edge system designed specifically to help build leadership development in children.

The PLD program will help produce future leaders with character qualities necessary to positively impact our world. Through executing this program children will not only improve their lives, but have a valuable impact on the lives of their friends, their families, and their community. 

The PLD curriculum uses a unique interactive approach that blends 3 aspects of learning: Relationship, Experiential and Service Learning. 

Relationship Learning

Students, Instructors, & mentors all learn leadership qualities from the relationships they build while moving through this course. Relationship Learning insures that the instructors seek quality relationships with students, which prepares a platform for maximized learning. Providing this emphasis requires an integrated or holistic view towards learning that recognizes that the mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of people are all necessary components of individual learning. The instructors participate in this nurturing process, which is the leadership development of their participants. 

Experiential Learning 

Experiential Learning adds another unique aspect to this PLD curriculum. Experiential Learning includes both real-life and real-world events to create an environment for discovery. Instructors then teach not just through telling, but by reflection from experiences, discussion, and hypothetical situations like role-playing. Then through analysis and evaluation, instructors help participants understand concepts and build conclusions based on what they have experienced and studied. 

Service Learning

Finally, Service Learning provides students with active learning opportunities. These are project-based events designed to “serve others” building upon knowledge, experience and understanding. Service learning promotes the powerful, world-changing servant-leader concept where the students learn that great leaders serve their followers and the community out of duty, respect, and goodwill. 

These three aspects of learning: Relational, Experiential, and Service Learning make the PLD curriculum state-of-the-art, world class, and vital to future leadership development. Moving beyond the traditional methods of teaching as transmission of information, the PLD curriculum is a program that seeks and enhances the personal transformation process. 

General Program Overview 

First, the PLD program acquaints students with our systems and lays the foundation required to administer this PLD curriculum and begins the process. 

Next, the PLD program focus on critical areas of “self”-identity and purpose, self-worth and confidence, self-control, self-discipline and self-motivation in order to provide participants clear understanding of “self” -who they are as individuals. These subjects are often ignored, but establish a critical foundation for success both in adolescence and adulthood. 

Finally, the PLD program focuses on the development of essential character traits vital to leadership development. Topic of study are trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, judgment and decision-making, focus, excellence, diligence, and work-ethic, courage and conscience, teamwork, conflict resolution, sportsmanship and competition, citizenship and service, respect and responsibility, caring and kindness, and ethics.