How do you become a member of Premier KIDZ Foundation? 

  1. Fill out the PKF New Member Application (mail to address below or fax application to 865-247-6758) 
  2. Return the application with a check for your first annual personal donation written to "Premier KIDZ Foundation". The donation should be for an amount that your business can comfortably afford. Please take into consideration how much your personal success has grown over the recent past and donate accordingly. Personal donations from members is not part of the 80—20 rule. These funds will go to support the Premier KIDZ Foundation’s official charities, organizations, and community support.

    Please send your donation to: 
    Premier KIDZ Foundation
    9030 Grey Pointe Drive
    Knoxville, TN. 37922

  3. Your business and owner will then be listed as an Official Member of Premier KIDZ Foundation and can begin helping your business help others. 

As an Official Member of Premier KIDZ Foundation you will receive the following. 

  • Professional Association with PKF and the use of our non-profit status for your philanthropic efforts. 
  • Access and use of our PKF website ( ) for your philanthropic efforts. 
  • Use of our marketing materials to help aid members with their PKF promotions. 
  • Speaker Certification and Training 
  • The Sales of Martial Art Scholarships from your studio 
  • More Fundraising Opportunities 
  • Speaker Compensation 
  • Community Recognition 
  • Support for flyer approval for schools and organizations, presentation approval, networking with local public and private school systems, business partner relationships, corporate connections and donations. 

And…...most importantly the benefits of Philanthropic Works — It has been proven that people are happier and more fulfilled when thet help others. Their attitude and overall well-being is effected in a positive manner when people help others. Premier KIDZ Foundation is helping our communities most valuable assets...our children. Helping others is the fastest way to help ourselves!